Each LIL GOLDIE piece is designed with love just for your mini and should be handled with care. Here are some essential care instructions to ensure the longevity of your LIL GOLDIE pieces. 

Chlorine and harsh detergents can be damaging to the colour and fabric of your swimwear, especially NEON colours, this it NOT a manufacturing defect. To prevent fading and maintain the vibrancy of your LIL GOLDIE pieces, it is recommended to rinse off any chlorine or saltwater immediately after swimming. This helps to remove any chemicals that may have come into contact with the fabric.

While our swim pieces are designed with durability in mind, it's best to avoid rough surfaces that may cause snags or tears. Be cautious when sitting on rough rocks or abrasive poolside surfaces to prevent any potential damage to the delicate fabric.

After a day of swimming, it's important to gentle machine or hand wash your LIL GOLDIE pieces separately in cold water. Be sure to avoid using any detergent, as even gentle ones can affect the fabric's colour and elasticity. Simply swish the swimwear around in the water to remove any impurities before gently squeezing out the excess water.

To preserve the shape and quality of your LIL GOLDIE piece, it's best to dry it flat in a shaded area. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for an extended period, as this can lead to colour fading. By allowing it to air dry naturally, you're ensuring that the fabric retains its elasticity and vibrant colour. As our new swimsuits are now fully lined with soft spandex, please allow for extra drying time.


  • Refrain from soaking, as prolonged exposure to water can weaken the fabric.
  • Avoid using bleach, as it can cause discoloration and damage to the fabric.
  • Do not tumble dry, as the heat and movement can alter the shape and fit of the swimwear.
  • Ironing is not necessary, as the fabric composition does not require it.